[左から]ホワイト(VW)、グレー(AG)、ブルー(VB)、イエロー(AY)、レッド(AR)すべて¥9,300 [税抜き]
[from left]WHITE (VW), GREY (AG), BLUE(VB), YELLOW(AY), RED(AR) all¥9,300 [without tax]

1979年に登場したコートスタイルのテニスシューズ「CT300」。一昨年、J.クルーが「New Balance® FOR J.CREW」として復刻させ、業界を賑やかしたのも記憶に新しいですね。

There was performance tennis shoe from New Balance called "CT300" delivered in 1979 and known as a model that gave an impact towards fashion market by producing collaboration model "New Balance® FOR J.CREW."


Using an authentic court style upper and silhouette that identify "CT300," New Balance has created a new court style "CRT300" by adding lightweight cushioning midsole technology called "REVlite."



It will amaze everyone by its lightweight feeling and comfortable fitting. By keeping authentic design and classical silhouette, CRT300 will become one low profile looking sneaker that can be recommended to those of who are not ready for wearing hi-tech sneakers.


Also, it will be delivered in various colors including New Balance gray, which gives everyone multiple opportunities to arrange with their outfits.


Last, but not least, the size range of CRT300 starts from 22.0cm that it can be worn by both ladies and gentleman. It will definitely look nice in a scene of lady wearing it with formal outfit as dress down items, and also be nice girls matching them with colorful and pop color outfit.


Hi-tech sneaker with a low profile silhouette delivered in a price of under ¥10,000 is nice and easy to pick up. It could be picked up as personal present, but also for a present for friends! Someone might collect all colors for future. How about you?

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Photo_Yasuhisa Takenouchi
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