25th Anniversary M996. MRL996 Special Edition by 4 Selected Shops.


In 1982, origin of 990 series, M990, has launched in confidence with its high performance. With holding its high performance quality and authentic running silhouette, M996 has released in 1988, which is 25 years ago from now. And, this fall new balance is releasing new product to celebrate M996 25th anniversary.


It is called "MRL996" featuring a silhouette of made in U.S.A. "M996" with high performance light weight cushioning technology "REVlite." It is a hybrid model of "authenticity" and "innovation."


New Balance authentic running style silhouette with light weight and comfortable cushioning provides new lifestyle to both sneaker freaks and followers who want to try new balance in the near future. MRL996, in other word, is "one bite, multiple tastes" sneaker.


MRL996 will be launching in 10th of August and at the same time, collaboration models featuring MRL996 will be launched from 4 selected shops.


new balance × BEAMS MRL996 ¥16,590 [25.5-28.5cm]


new balance × BEAUTY & YOUTH MRL996 ¥17,640 [25-28.29cm]


new balance × JOURNAL STANDARD MRL996 ¥15,540 [23.5-28.29cm]


new balance × TOMORROWLAND MRL996 ¥20,790 [25-28.5cm]


Due to launch collaboration model from 4 selected shops, we will start interviewing excellent maker who was in charge of making its model.

To be continued to next issue.

Photo_Yozo Yoshino
Edit_Ryutaro Yanaka
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